Parent Participation

We need to be able to tell service providers what our children and young people need – or how to improve what is already being provided.

We will be running surveys and polls to capture your opinions and needs so please participate – the more involvement we have from parents and carers the more impact your views will have.

If you have already joined – thank you- and please encourage others to do the same!

Mad, Sad, Glad Survey!

The Barnet Parent Carer Forum would like to hear from you. We have a short survey to ask parent carers to focus on what works and what doesn’t work. It provides a snapshot of how Barnet parent carers feel about being a parent of a child with a disability or additional needs.

We would be grateful if you can take a few minutes to answer the questions in this attachment:

Mad, Sad, Glad Survey

Once completed, please return it to

Inspection of Barnet Children’s Services

Under the Children and Families Act 2014 all local authorities will be subject to joint inspection by OFSTED and CQC together with members of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate.  Barnet’s inspection can take place any time from May 2016 and could happen quite soon.

The joint inspection team will liaise with the Barnet Parent Carer Forum, amongst others, to collect the views of parents and carers. In anticipation of this happening we would like to hear from members who have experiences they would like to share; any contribution you make would be treated by the inspection in strictest confidence.

If you would like to be involved when the inspection commences please let us know by sending a very brief email to Rivka Steinberg: